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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright

This was my original objection:

   It doesn't make sense to apply the GPL to information like this; that
   implies that others are allowed to change it.  I'd expect most people
   don't want that; I don't.

Please note that by "change", I mean change in content, not change in
form or presentation.  I don't care if the database says I live in
"Tucson, Arizona" or "Tucson, AZ", or if it says my latitude is 32.217
or 32:13; those aren't changes in content.  Similarly, it's immaterial
to me whether my entry is included in a complete database sorted
alphabetically or in a database of Debian-related people from Arizona.
But I don't want people changing the content of what I submitted, and
I think that's perfectly reasonable.

I'm not sure how to word a license such as this, but I'd think it
could be expressed in just a few lines of legal verbiage.

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