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Re: dpkg wishlist for debmake functionality

> I am well aware that there needs to be a way to get debmake's
> functionality without using debmake.

Just don't integrate a new package building method into dpkg-dev. I 
prefer having these "extra" capabilities in separate packages than 
dpkg-dev.  That way we have options on how to build the packages.

> I think that this should be done with macro-generated rules files (a
> la the suggestions wrt automake earlier), rather than by having
> build-time utility programs called by the rules file.

It would be cool to have an "autorules" macro package for generating
a debian/rules file from a rules.ar file.  But that should definitely
remain an option (especially since it would likely not be able to handle
all situations, it is just a bunch of macros afterall).
> I don't know whether automake is suitable or not - I suspect not, and
> that a new macro set will have to be written - but I look forward to
> seeing people's experiments in this area.
> If noone comes up with a solution I like by the time this gets to the
> top of my worklist then I'll do it.



 - Jim

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