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dpkg and custom kernels ( was: report of upgrade bo -> hamm )

On Wed, 22 Oct 1997, Arrigo Triulzi wrote:

> Joost Kooij scripsit:
> >
> >  <about a custom.x.y kernel-image getting replaced by dpkg/dselect>
> >
>  <Arrigo has same sort of problem with patched kernel-source>

I'm not really sure if this specific discussion should be held on
debian-testing (please snip that part of the header when replying), but I
do want to add some comments at least:

When creating a customized version of the kernel-source, you should also
build a custom.x.y kernel-source package with kernel-package. I don't know
if you have actually done this.

It does not have as many advantages as builing a package of a custom
kernel, but it certainly looks nicer in dselect and it is easier to
remember why you put it on hold.

However, if a future implementation is made whereby any custom
kernel-{source,image} are put on hold by default, then both our problems
do not arise. 



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