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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright [a proposal]

On Sun, 5 Oct 1997, Lindsay Allen wrote:

Maybe what we need is something like this:

Redistribution of this database is allowed for profit or for free,  to
anyone anywhere, in any machine-readable or other format, provided that
the personal information contained herein may not be modified by
except by the designated representative of Software In The Public Interest,
Inc..  Please note that the availability of personal information is
provided as-is,  with no guaruntee of reliability or favorable 
reception of any communication you may send by recipients listed in the
database,  and without any implied or other request for communication by
the persons listed in the database.


1) This does not exclude transference from one machine-readable format to
another (eg. from dBase-to M.S. Excel-readable readable format) or transference
to or from machine-readable or hardcopy formats.  It does,  however (I
think) prevent a person from changing my name or email address,  etc.,
unless that person is the maintainer or another debian person.  Since
someone's going to have to maintain the darn thing anyway,  that's ok by
me.  I'm assuming that the maintainer will just accept a pgp'd message
from me with a "Please change my address to xxx".

2) Last clause says that by distributing my address I am not requesting
the receipt of mail,  thereby disallowing spam,  etc. -- basically,  I
reserve the right to ask you not to send me mail.  This makes it the
end-user's responsibility to determine whether or not I choose to recieve
mail,  and takes this off the debian team.

3) I'm not a lawyer;  I have no idea how legally binding this is or
whether it works at all;  it's just what  we seem to be heading towards.


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