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dpkg wishlist for debmake functionality

I heard a rumour that Ian is working again on dpkg. There are quite a
number of things in the debmake package that would be better off if dpkg
would do them:

	Invoked with no parameters dpkg-shlibdeps could search for
	binaries in debian/tmp in the same way debstd does so that
	the maintainers do not have to specify the binaries. All binaries
	would be scanned when invoked with no parameters so that the
	package will include proper dependencies for to satisfy any shared
	library used by any binary.

	Maybe dpkg-shlibdeps could go beyond debstd and also scan for
	scripts and insure that dependencies for the interpreters of
	those scripts are generated.

	dpkg-shlibdeps could also include the functionality to
	properly strip binaries and libraries.
	It could also generate the proper DEBIAN/shlibs file if the
	debian/tmp directory is found to provide sharable libraries.

dpkg-deb --build
	1. Generate a DEBIAN/md5sums file with all the md5sums
	of files in debian/tmp so that the integrity of all installed
	files can be verified.
	2.  Make sure manpages are compressed and insure
	link integrity of symlinks in manpage directories.

dpkg	Provide a similar functionality to suidmanager. Register all
	suidbinaries automatically in /etc/suid.conf and allow the
	sysadmin to specify overrides in /etc/suid.conf. Allow special
	permissions to be set on any file or directory which is kept
	across updates.

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