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>>"Alex" == Alex Yukhimets <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> writes:

Alex> I wouldn't be that fast in declaring it "prefered graphical
Alex> environment". "Prefered" would inevitably mean better supported
Alex> and I don't like that. While deciding what graphical environment
Alex> to install, the major point is aethtatics and not free'ness. If
Alex> it possible to argue what's better: pine, elm, or mutt, then in
Alex> graphical environment it is absolutely impossible thing - taste
Alex> is the main (if not only) judge.

	Actualy, that is already not true, since Debian can't use a
 proprietary (non-DFSG confrmant) desktop as a preferred one, even if
 it did not cost any money; and in that respect we have said we prefer
 free software over cute/nice/tasteful but non-free software.

	I think you brought up a similair line of discussion a couple
 of months ago, and then too I had argued in favour of freedom in
 software ;-).

	In my opinion, if there is an adequate desktop environment
 which is totally free, then that should be Debian's preferred
 desktop. We should continue packaging other variants as we can, so
 that our users still have choices.

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