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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright

>>"David" == David Welton <davidw@cks.com> writes:

David> On 4 Oct 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> I think it is not unreasonable to modify the licence to allow "fair
>> personal use" of the data. Any suggestions as to the wording?

David> I think we need to make some distinctions...  My guess is that
David> nobody really wants their personal information modified.  And
David> adding entries seems a bit dubious as well.  However, Joost
David> makes some good points regarding the fact that it might be
David> useful to sort and extract subsets of the database.  Maybe we
David> ought to say something like 'existing entries may not be
David> modified, and entries may not be added without the approval of
David> blah blah'.

	The minute you say that, you are not using the GPL. And this
 is precisely what I tried to do. I'll freely admit that I am
 not a lawyer, and the licence is a best effort thing, and I'm willing
 to change parts (to allow personal use stuff).

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