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Re: dpkg and custom kernels ( was: report of upgrade bo -> hamm )

>>"Joost" == Joost Kooij <kooij@mpn.cp.philips.com> writes:

Joost> On 22 Oct 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>> The reason, I think, that dpkg upgrades the custom kernel with a
>> new standard kernel is that the new standard kernel comes with an
>> epoch; hence making it preferable in dpkg's eyes over _all_ non
>> epoched versions.
>> The solution, for the future, is to put an defensive epoch on the
>> custom kernel (kernel-package allows you to do so: --revision
>> 1:custom.Y); however, the solution is admitedly ugly. I wish there
>> had been no epochs on standard kernels ;-), however, since each new
>> kernel version is a new package, at least the epoch won't be
>> carried around for ever.

Joost> Could you make the epoch a standard feature of kernel-package?

Joost> If /etc/kernel-pkg.conf gets a switch that sets the default
Joost> epoch level, then the maintainer of the distribution
Joost> kernel-{source,image}s can configure his kernel-package to use
Joost> an epoch that is always lower than the one that is used by
Joost> default, thus keeping dselect from wanting to "upgrade".

	That is already possible. Just put:
 debian := 1:custom.5.01
        or something in the /etc/kernel-pkg.conf, and you are all

	I am hoping that the use of epochs is a rare glitch that shall
 not occur frequently (are the various kernel-package packagers
 listening?), for example for the new 2.0.31+ kernels ;-).

	I am hesistant about modifying the defaults (though you have a
 very good argument for it); the process of epochs is now documented;
 I would not like to promote the indiscriminate use of epochs (why?
 'cause I hate 'em ;-), I would not like to modify a conf file
 gratuitously, ummm

	I know, none of the reasons by themselves are good enough, but
 together they are enough for me to seek approval from the
 developers. Are there any objections to Joost's proposal? Will I be
 lynched if I made epochs the default? What epoch do I choose? (5
 seems a nice, round, prime number)

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