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Re: Great news for Debian!

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997 17:45:24 -0400 (EDT), Andy Kahn wrote:

>2. Dave Cinege <dcinege@psychosis.com>
>    "built 5 net servers for the masschusetts college of art. P166's, 
>    one of them dual, all had twin channel PCI DPT SmartRAID HBAs,
>    RAID boxes, and 45+ Gigs of storage in various RAIDS. Everything was
>    setup on Debian 1.3.0, and they have upgraded to 1.3.1.? themselves."

I should also mention that psychosis.com is all debian, and the dial-up ISP I will be 
opening soon will be all debian, with terminal servers built with the (debian) linux 
router project.
http://www.psychosis.com/emc/		Elite MicroComputers   908-541-4214
http://www.psychosis.com/linux-router/	Linux Router Project

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