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Re: KDE et al may not incorporate other people's GPL'd code

ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk (Ian Jackson) writes:

> If I find that anyone has taken some of my GPL'd code and put it into a
> Qt-dependent program I _will_ insist that they do not distribute the
> result until they have replaced my code or made their program not
> depend on Qt.
IMHO you are exaggerating.  This attitude is contrary to the spririt
of free software.  Free software means that anybody can reuse your
code for any project as long as the sources stay available. This
counts as well for the KDE project.  I'd agree if you'd complain if
Trolltech put part of your code in their Qt stuff which unfortunately
is not allowed to be modified.

> Morally, Qt-dependent programs are _not_ free[1], and if you take GPL'd
> free code and put it into a Qt-dependent program you have `stolen' it
> by making it no longer free, just as much as if you took GPL'd
> software and incorporated it into a conventional commercial program.
> Personally I WILL enforce my copyright in this respect, and I
> encourage others to do the same.
So i hope you'll do this as well for Motif based programs so that you
stay on the morally clean side.  Come on, this is ridiculous!

                                  Cheers, P. *8^)
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