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Re: dpkg urgent wishlist : Delayed Configuration override

>>"Andreas" == Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:

Andreas> i like the idea of having two postinst/configure scripts :
Andreas> one for the critical part and one for the normal stuff.
Andreas> the basic idea is :

Andreas> the system must be stable during the installation
Andreas> the configuration should be delayed till all packages are
Andreas> unpacked, so dpkg won't stop after processing 30% to ask
Andreas> something

	This can not handle predepends. Also, this will be contrary to
 the other recent request, that for immediate configuration for

Andreas> and we should make it policy to have a minimal input/output
Andreas> during installation and configuration.
	Policy already states this to be a goal.

Andreas> for example install-mime and xserver* should be changed not
Andreas> to ask anything when upgrading.

	So how do we configure xservers? And what is installed as the
 default handler? 

	Minimal interaction may be considered to be a good thing, but
 simplistic solutions are not going to be adequate for this
 problem. The other question is, are we trying to solve the correct

	Seems to me the reason people want minimal interaction is that
 a) they do not want to sit in front of the machine in an interminable
    upgrade process, answering questions now and again. The proper
    solution maybe to have all questions asked up front, rather than
    interspersed with other actions
 b) They want remote installation. A config state/variable caching
    mechanism may be the answer.

	Nobody wants the extreme of no interaction, which may leave
 the system in an unusable state, and then having the installer run a
 bunch of config scripts manually, hoping to all that is dear that
 nothing critical is forgotten, and with the sstem possibly in in an
 unusable state and coming crashing down around their ankles ;-)

	If we can come up with a viable config caching mechanism, and
 have all the questions asked up front and cached, and maybe moved to
 a remote machine, most of this would pass.

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