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Re: #13632: problem with compiling kernel 2.0? 30 Debian machines in a room at LISA About Dave Cinege's postings About including Motif and Qt in GPL-ed programs about `policy weekly' postings About the Breaks: field. abuse of mailing list - solution? actually... adaptec aha2842 vlb Admintool/config tool Agh! My public key is for my old email address Announcements for .debs not in distribution? Announce pftp and xfstt Re: Announcing TIND: This Is Not Dselect another new package/debmake problems another stupid question... Anybody packaging Reiserfs ? Anybody working on postgresql ? Architecture all are lsm files worth putting in binary package? ARP server Backspace & Delete Boot disk problem boot-floppies state boot-floppies state / tasks "Boot" magazine publishes Debian CD Broken ppp/diald in unstable? bsdutils-4.0 released: libc6 recompile Re: Bug#13287: less uses /usr/bin/editor without it necessarily being there. Re: bug #13436 (libjpeg6a shlibs is broken) Re: Bug#13723: libc5-altdev should include instructions for its use Bug#13736: Searching_for_representatives (fwd) Re: Bug#13914: metamail postinst Bug#13914: metamail postinst (fwd) Re: Bug#13919: exim: Package badly broken! Many important files missed! Re: Bug#13919: exim: Package [was] badly broken! Many important files Re: Bug#13919: exim: Package [was] badly broken! Many important files [were] missed! Re: Bug#13994: xlib6: Should provide elf-x11r6lib Bug#14066: checker cannot be built from source Re: Bug#5682 acknowledged by developer (Possible namespace collision in debmake) bug or not??? pppd bug system status bz2'd upstream original source? Calling all Editor Maintainers! candidacy declaration C++ broken in latest glibc 2.0 CD-rom problem changelog says unstable changes needed for web page reliability clock in /etc/init.d/boot ? COAS white paper draft posted to debian-admintool .com and .net (fwd) Coming soon ... "unofficial repository" for packages Commercial interests & project leader compiling libraries and installing manpages Compiling sources for alpha Re: Compiling unstable packages for libc5 [comp.os.linux.misc] RPM - possible improvement "configs" directory? Consistent kbd config TODO list (was Re: Backspace & Delete) Copyright of names and addresses. Copyright question: GNUstep copyright questions cryptic dpkg-source error Re: Crypto signing of packages state Re: Dave Cinege The Dave Cinege digest for today Dave Cinege Digest for today DC,, Bruce & stuff, guys, USE YOUR BRAINS Debian and Power Macintosh Re: Debian Book Published Debian bug system now available generally debian hamm problems Re: [DEBIAN] How to build glibc? Debian Installation Debian is great! ... Debian is still incompatible with Dell XPi Laptops Re: Debian + KDE disk Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO (regular posting) Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO (regular posting, updated) Debian master maintenance Debian on Laptop debian packaging manual Re: DEBIAN POLICY WEEKLY, #4 (October 23, 1997) Debian project leader speaks in Concord, California, October 17-19 Re: [DEBIAN] Why does sendmail depend on procmail? Re: [DEBIAN] Why do we need a base *section*? debmake contains namespace pollution and bugs procedure deb-make errors debsums priority standard? Re: default umask 022 ? Deity Access Deity Team Expansion diety date? Distribution up to dateness timestamp? Re: DNS lookups Re: DNS lookups (was: something completely different on -private) DNS lookups (was: something completely different on -private) documentation for <search.h> dpkg... dpkg libc5 available in project/experimental dpkg and custom kernels ( was: report of upgrade bo -> hamm ) Re: dpkg bugs? dpkg: half-installed packages dpkg urgent wishlist : Delayed Configuration override dpkg wishlist for debmake functionality driver dselect with bo-updates? `dump' command `dump' command - tape size dvidvi package Dwww and menu e2fsprogs_1.10-7 available for testing egcs libg++ ELM Copyright Re: emacs20 Re: /etc/networks /etc/X11/window-managers (was Re: DEBIAN POLICY WEEKLY, #4 (October 23, 1997)) "etext" section? Re: Packaging a *LARGE* dictionary The last update was on 19:31 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1786 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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