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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright

This is perhaps a silly question, but why is that the database
necessarily has to be *distributed* in any form whatsoever?

One point of view could be that the database was a private thing, used
only at master to collect information, public and private, about the

Of course certain reports would be extracted in various forms, but
only in such a way that the necessary levels of privacy was
protected. For instance with the xearth markers, one could guarantee
all values to be rounded to a degree that they would be useless for
any other purpose but xearth markers.

What information to be marked as private of course needs some
debating, but would ultimately be up to the individual maintainer. 

One could even have levels such as "public" (regularly extracted to
the WWW pages), "private" (can only be delivered to other developers)
and "personal" (used only for internal administration at master by a
select few privileged persons). Or an sql-by-email service to generate
customized reports (still protecting the privacy levels).

I have some difficulties in seeing the obvious need to distribute the
collected database to the individual developers (or even users) of

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