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Re: fakeroot a solution for multi-architecture building?

> With this config file, the "--" means it not only compiles on sparc,
> but it can also be cross-compiled from i386 with dpkg-cross.  It
> respects $(CC), doesnt try to run programs during configuration, etc.
> So far I've found only 35 that are this good, out of the total 65 or
> so that can be natively autocompiled on sparc.

i know, that most people activate autocompiling with --target flags (or
so). why don't you move the directory with the cross compiler to the
beginning of the path ? 

i compiled several programs as libc5 with 
	export PATH=/usr/i486-linuxlibc1/bin:$PATH
and it worked fine. i know, that many packages call ar instead $(AR) and
other stuff, so they will break with other methods. even "gcc" isn't a
problem. the only problems i found so far are :
 - "c++" was not in altgcc, i had to add a symlink to "g++"
 - configure scripts find X11 libraries in /usr/X11R6/lib
 - any auto search in configure sripts will cause trouble.


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