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Re: dpkg and custom kernels ( was: report of upgrade bo -> hamm )

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kite.ml.org> writes:

Joey> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> I know, none of the reasons by themselves are good enough, but
>> together they are enough for me to seek approval from the
>> developers. Are there any objections to Joost's proposal? Will I be
>> lynched if I made epochs the default? What epoch do I choose? (5
>> seems a nice, round, prime number)

Joey> Isn't kernel-package used to build the debian kernal image
Joey> packages? I don't think making epochs default is a good idea.

	Oh, I think I'd just go so far as to put a commented out
 example in /etc/kernel-pkg.conf. Like:
# This is the debian revision number (defaulted to 1.0 in debian.rules)
# You may leave it commented out if you use the wrapper script, or
# if you create just one kernel-image package per linux kernel revision
# debian := 5:c501

	People may just uncomment that if they wish (currently the
 commented out part is debian := 1.0).


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