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Re: Great news for Debian!

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Nick Busigin wrote:

: On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, David Welton wrote:
: > 
: > > The ISP's are good news, for sure, but what really impressed me is that
: > > the people at the Linux Journal decided to go with Debian.  
: I'm curious to find out more.  Where did you hear/read about the Linux
: Journal switching to Debian?

Twas in the editorial a few issues back.

: ... and on Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Vincent Renardias wrote:
: 				Nick
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FWIW, we use Debian at MidcoNet, but not as completely as I'd like.  The
management has decided that we need a "supported" OS, so the web server
and news server are BSDI.  The secondary nameserver, dial server, and
test server(s) are Debian.  If there was a Caldera-like company
supporting Debian we'd move to that as soon as I won the argument :)

We may move to Caldera anyway, but I'm not wild about the RPM based
distribution - I've heard horror stories about upgrading.

Has anyone heard any rumors re: commercial support for Debian?  It's
difficult to change management ways that have been in place for decades:
they're convinced that we need support that we pay for. <shrug>

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