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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright

> 	Hmm. Would it be too onerous for you to establish a .qmail? I
>  think that <maintainer>@debian.org is an invariant we should
>  maintain, it is easy for users and other people to reach developers
>  that way (also easy to tell people how to reach developers).

While I agree that people should have a useful .qmail, just to make sysadmin 
stuff easier on master, I don't think it is necisarilly of any use to debian 

None of the packages I maintain have any reference to philh@debian.org, so why 
should anyone assume that is my address.

If they want to get in touch with me, I would expect them to use the address 
that is published <phil@hands.com> or package-name@packages.debian.org.

Why encorage people to cause extra network load for novare, and introduce the 
possibility of my mail being delayed when master throws a wobbler ?

Cheers, Phil.

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