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Re: Help! Boot script doesn't run

According to Victor Torrico:
> I was able to cause the problem to recur.
> After reinstalling sysvint 2.72 everything was normal.
> Then I purged file-rc and all was still normal.
> Then I reinstalled file-rc and the problem started.  The local file systems
> never got mounted writable.  This repeats at each reboot.  I can't purge
> file-rc now because the file system is readonly.

Hmm.. this means you have to do things manually

mount -n -o remount,rw /
mount -a

Now you can work. Shutdown with

umount -a
reboot -f

> If you want any info holler.

I'd like to be sure if this is really caused by using file-rc. I think
I'll just have to risk my own system and try it here.. If it is indeed
the case, there needs to be a 2.72-3 that Conflicts: file-rc (<= x.xx)

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