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Re: Great news for Debian!

> On the other hand are there Debian users that are NOT students and NOT ISP
> sysadmins? It seems like most Debian developpers fall in one of those
> categories (sometimes both ;)...

Yep. The company I work for, Open Software Associates (see www.osa.com.au
to see who we are/what we do :-), uses Linux quite heavily - mostly Debian.

Three of our software engineers (of which I'm one) use Debian for solely
for developing our company's products.

We also have a manufacturing box, a dial-in server and two fileservers,
all of which are Debian 1.3.x installations.

(We also have two Slackware boxes, and a couple of RedHat boxes.
Our US and German offices also use linux, but I'm not too sure how
many and/or which distributions, though I know the US guys prefer
RedHat. I'm working on them however :-)

Our Linux boxes have always exceeded the stability and functionality
of all the commercial PC based unices that I have had to use in my
time here.

Shaun Fielder, X/Motif Software Engineer
Open Software Associates Ltd.
PO Box 4414, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134, AUSTRALIA.
Phone: +613 9871-1662, Fax: +613 9871 1711
email: shaun@osa.com.au

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