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Re: Forwarding addresses...was (Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright)

>>"Gordon" == Gordon Russell <g.russell@dcs.napier.ac.uk> writes:

>> > >> Ok.  My suggestion: Distribute email addresses only in the
>> "whoever@debian.org" form.  All maintainers have one of these.

Gordon> I don't, and I have been a maintainer for years. Gordon

	Well, you are one of the 6.475% of the peole on master who do
 not have a .qmail forwarding file. Could I prevail on you to put one
 in place? If we get the other 17 people (out of 278) to also do the
 same, we would have a nice invariant that could be presented to users
 about sending mail to Debian developers.

	The qmail file is quite simple, really, so you just need to up
 load the following:

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