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Re: libc5 dpkg - any interest ?

> > I've finally managed to build dpkg for libc5.  Is anyone
> > interested in the binary packages ?  If so I'll put them in
> > project/experimental.
> > 
> Yes please!!!  I had a hard time trying to get it compiled on a 'bo'
> system and didn't succeed.  Equally i'd love to have any package from
> 'hamm' compiled for libc5 'bo' available if anybody has succeeded with
> such a build.  

I completely agree with that and would like to remind my proposition
to create the directory with packages from hamm compiled against
libc5. This is with no obligation for the maintainer to compile and
upload it, but is somebody manages to do that, why not make it

I know that some maintainers have their own "mini-archives" of libc5
packages, what I would like to see is the bigger archive on debian
(or other well connected) site. A kind of real "contrib" directory.


Alex Y.

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