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Re: kernel 2.0.30 and Cyrix 686s

Will Lowe wrote:
> I have a cyrix 166+ and I'd like to compile my kernel to take advantage of
> the chip -- if the kernel doesn't reset it correctly at reboot,  the
> kernel ends up thinking my processor is a 486.
>         This problem has been documented and is fixable by applying a
> patch from linuxhq.com ... I found the patch but when I try to install it,
> I get a bunch of "hunk failed" messages.  Does debian modify the kernel
> from the standard 2.0.30 distribution?

Yes we do.  The modifications are listed in
/usr/doc/kernel*/debian.README.gz.  I'd suggest you to apply the patch
on a clean 2.0.30 kernel (our .orig.tar.gz is clean).
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