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Re: Forwarded: RFC: New source packaging format

Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> wrote:
> Funny that there has been so much negative reaction -- and nobody has
> even bothered to download the samples I put up yet.  Most of the debate
> so far has just been a knee-jerk reaction to somebody trying to shake
> up the status quo.  I'm quite disappointed in the level of technical
> debate.  But I guess that's to be expected - technical debate is much
> more boring than politics and taking sides.

Er.. you've not allowed much time for people to comment.  I don't think
it's fair to be disappointed.

The one issue I'm wondering about is: what about recompilation?
How does recompilation and rebuilding (either a clean rebuild,
or a rebuild after a minor patch -- say, for testing) fit into
your worldview?

> PLEASE, somebody download my demo and really try it out!

I'm kinda stuck on compiling debian packages myself, but the issues I
need to address have nothing to do with trying someone else's source
compilation. They have to do with organizing my work so I know what step
needs to be taken next.  [Or does your demo address this?]


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