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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         My name is Manoj Srivastava. No more, and no less. Nothing
>  missing, added, or transposed. My preferred email address is
>  srivasta@acm.org for general mail, and srivasta@debian.org for Debian
>  related mail. Not srivasta@somewhere.com. These are invariants. They
>  are attributes of a person. There is no reason I can see that other
>  people should be modifying the data.

Right. In fact there are several laws that propect your name and forbit
other to misuse it.

>         People state they have a problem with distribution of the
>  information under a licence that allows the data to be modified
>  (tampered). You fail to see why, but you tell them that you have a
>  ``solution'', and you tell them the problem should be forgotten.

You "can't" put a copyright on your name and address.
You can't copyright your name under GPL or a restrictive "all rights
reserved". Other people can use this information for the purpose they
exixts (identify you) and you _can't_ stop them.

Other people can't modify your name because other laws forbits it, not
because of the copyright.
Do you think that a GPLed program which contains your name and address,
maybe in a credit file, or in a changelog, not in a copyright notice,
permits other to change it?

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