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Re: Great news for Debian!

vincent@waw.com (Vincent Renardias)  wrote on 01.10.97 in <Pine.LNX.3.95.971001205746.12858P-100000@odin.waw.com>:

> On the other hand are there Debian users that are NOT students and NOT ISP
> sysadmins? It seems like most Debian developpers fall in one of those
> categories (sometimes both ;)...

Sure! Besides running (part of) my home machine, Debian also runs the mail  
and dialin server where I work. It's also in use at customers as a server  
for NT workstations and as a replacement for an old Xenix system running a  
Basic program for a horticultural business.

Besides, at least two of the local ISPs are at least partially Debian -  
muenster.de definitely uses it at least on the dialin machines and does  
mirror ftp.debian.org, and westfalen.de currently has three Debian  
machines and two SuSe ones (as a noncommercial, volunteer based ISP,  
whoever does the work decides what gets installed, and we have two SuSe  

MfG Kai

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