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RE: An intermediate release to `bo' and `hamm' (Re: No Debian up

On 06-Oct-97 Raja R Harinath wrote:
>I'm thinking of a hamm-friendly bo (hbo? :-) -- which basically has all
>the `libc5' libraries from hamm.  People using `bo' would upgrade to
>`hbo', which basically moves all the libc5 libraries from /usr/lib to
>/usr/lib/libc5-compat, and all devel tools into /usr/i486-linuxlibc1;
>leaving thing in a state most amenable to upgrading to `hamm'.  This
>could be a mini-distribution, which just has the libraries, and maybe
>the `altdev's, and some packages that are closely dependent on the exact
>version of the shared libs (`bash' would be one, I guess).
>Such a distribution would help greatly in the Libc5 to Libc6 migration.

Somehow I think this is a bad idea but I can understand the intent.  What it
would do is force double the work on the developers and maintainers. They will
have bug reports for libc5 and libc6 versions ... sometimes the bugs would be
different. They would basicly be maintaining two versions of the same package,
possibly with completely different sets of bugs ... 2.0 would NEVER get done.

In this case, I think 1.3 WAS an interim version.  It was hoped to go to 2.0 if
I remember correctly but the libc6 thing cropped up.

Some minor frustration has always been felt on my part in the past because
attention is always diverted away from the current release before it is "done".
The maintainer will say "i will fix it in the next release" and that problem
DOES get fixed but there are always the new crop of bugs with a fresh new
release.  In other words, the current release never completely "gells".

I guess this gives an opportunity for some enterprising soul to develop their
own derived distribution that cleans up some benchmark distribution and gets
away from the moving target mentality.

After the libc6 situation becomes stable, the 2.2.x kernels will come out and
start the whole thing over again.  Lets not abandon current releases too soon
just to keep a release schedule.

George Bonser 
Debian/GNU Linux  See http://www.debian.org
Linux ... It isn't just for breakfast anymore!

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