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Re: Menu Segfaults! (thank you!)

On Tuesday,  7 Oct, joost witteveen wrote:
> As some of you have noticed, menu (and a lot of other c++ programmes)
> start to segfault when you upgrade to libc6-2.0.5c.

I believe that's because they've switched to vtable thunks.  Grr.
The announcement of glibc-2 stated that there would be no interface
changes in the foreseen future.  Now, here we go.

I don't know which way to go: shall we rebuild libc6, explicitly disabling
vtable thunks, or leave it as it is and recompile libg++ and some C++
programs?  The second way achieves better future compatibility (glibc,
libg++ and egcs folks consider the "old" virtual tables structure completely
obsolete, so it will soon be unsupported), but the mess it creates is

As for egcs, it is _by_default_ configured to compile using vtable
thunks.  libg++-2.8.0 produces nasty warnings if it sees gcc compile
without thunks.

Life's getting harder without them, but more messy with them.

> I'm very pleased to hear my menu package is being used by so many
> of you, judged by the number of (bug) reports I've recieved about this:
> it must be running into double figures by now. Please, keep them
> comming, it makes me feel good.

I would love to see your menu package on my Alpha.  The problem is that
it is the only package so far that uses libg++ specific things like
Strings and stuff together with exceptions: exceptions are not
supported by the normal gcc on Alpha, while libg++ is not supported by
egcs.  In other words, menu is too ++-ish :-(.  I heard that nobody is
working on libg++ itself (not libstdc++, of course), so it is gradually
becoming unsupported and obsolete...



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