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Re: GPL vs. Motif (was: MaintainerDatabase Copyright)

bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> It doesn't make any sense for you to distribute the source to Motif with
> your static-linked Motif executable, since the source to Motif is not
> available to you. I'm inclined to consider it an operating-system facility.
> I can take it up with RMS if you wish.

> Of course, people should use lesstif if at all possible. I see only a few
> -smotif programs in "stable":

> 	xephem
> 	gimp	(I think the one in unstable doesn't use motif at all).
> 	ddd	(Already replaced by a lesstif version)
> 	xtar
> 	nedit

I haven't touched xtar for a while.  I will try it against lesstif
again when I get time.  (I don't really use it.)

Also, Amaya is currently liked against Motif (and out-of-date); I
believe it now works with Lesstif.  I will update Amaya RSN via a
lesstiff, libc6 release.  (I took a break from my packages while I was
deciding whether to stay with Debian or switch to Red Hat.) I'll
properly announce it when it is released.

Do we support multiple source .tar.gz files yet?  It would be nice for
Amaya &co, since they come in a total of 3 tar files.  (They generate
as many packages, but have to be all mixed together to build.)


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