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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright


	Let me summarize here:
 a) The data contains information about people who do not wish to make
    it public (they checked box 1)
 b) The data contains information that will not be part of the xearth
    file (it does not contain any email addresses, in the future it
    may contain other data as well)
 c) Some people have expressed a concern about having it published in
    a form that legally allows modified copies to be distributed.
    Other people have no objection to having it distributed under a
    licence that allows the data to be mutable.
	Firstly, I do not believe the GPL is valid for non-programs.

	Since the GPL requires full disclosure of the sources, it also
 prevents collection of data under points a and b.

	Finally, I have seen nothing that addresses concerns people
 have under point c, apart from opinions that the the people offering
 the opinion did not share the concern. This is not a solution.

	If you can address these issues, I will consider changing the

 The formalized CS education we have in Soviet Union yields really
 awful results for example the quantity of grads capable to write real
 programs is about 2-3% after the CS Dept. of Moscow U (not the worst
 one, be sure) - and those students who CAN program all are
 self-educated hackers and as a rule they had terrible conflicts with
 educational authorities. Some of the most talented programmers here
 are still students in their 30s. Thus the practice is against
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