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Re: Help! Boot script doesn't run SOLVED!

In article <19971013181556.38987@cfw.com>,
Victor Torrico <vtorrico@cfw.com> wrote:
>On 97/10/13 at 23:15 PM +0200, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote: 
>> In article <19971013170139.19808@cfw.com>,
>> Victor Torrico <vtorrico@cfw.com> wrote:
>The entry before changing the /etc/inittab file is:
>     si::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS
>I changed this to:
>     si::sysinit:/etc/init.d/boot
>Also the installation of sysvinit 0.72 had actually deleted the
>/etc/init.d/boot file.  I copied /etc/init.d/boot.OLD to /etc/init.d/boot to
>restore the file.  This and going from .../rcS to .../boot fixed the problem.

But that's exactly what is supposed to happen! The `boot' file should
get deleted, there's a new file called rcS and the sysinit entry should go
from calling `boot' to `rcS'. Now in your case everything looked good,
but it didn't work. I fail to understand why..

There _must_ have been other warning/error messages that point to the
real cause (rcS not present, typo in inittab, etc). Any ideas?

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