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Re: Meta-D, Backspace, hamm xterm/libreadline

joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl (joost witteveen) writes:

> I just upgraded my system from a 3-week-old hamm distribution, to a
> 12-hour-old hamm distribution.

> Now, in my bash xterms, Meta-d and backspace fail to work the
> way they used to.

The new terminfo for xterm had the "erase" character set to ^H rather
than DEL.  This problem bit me too.

> In my /etc/X11/Xsession I've got a 
>   xmodmap -e "keycode 107 = 0x04"
> that used to take care of my Backspace (or was it Delete?) problem.

> The strange thing is, that in another shell that uses the same libreadline
> as the new bash, "es", the Backspace key does work. But Meta-d doesn't.

> Meta-d should delete a word to the right. When I now press 
> Meta-d, I get \"a (in TeX speak).

I'm not entirely sure here, but xterm sets the high bit on alt
characters.  "tcsh" will treat this as an ALT sequence or a Latin-1
character, depending on how a variable is set.  Perhaps "bash" has a
similar variable.


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