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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright


	Firstly. let me say that I deplore the confrontational
 attitude that threads through this thread. I think that an effort for
 reconcilliation would go further, rather than implying conspiracy
 theories (Dave shall have a field day, I think ;-).
>>"joost" == joost witteveen <joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl> writes:

joost> 26 August, we discussed on debian-devel (see for references
joost> into the debian-devel archive footnote [1] below), the
joost> Maintainers database. Part of this discussion was about the
joost> copyright of the database.

joost> Just as with ordinary software, people are tempted to make
joost> their own licence for the (in their eyes) "new" catogory of a
joost> maintainer database. Initially, distribution was limited. Then
joost> some discussion on debian-devel followed [1], and it was
joost> decided to make it GPL. Then two people got together, and
joost> decided to change[2] it again, to the "current" licence[For
joost> text, see footnote 3]:

	Two people, out of the blue? How about, the collators of this
 data, in consultation with the policy manager and the founder of

	It was pointed out to us that the GPL may not be quite
 appropriate for a dataset like this one, because the GPL explicitly
 allows for modifications of the data. In this case, that part of the
 GPL made people uneasy, and I caould see no reason to have the data
 set being mutable.

	The database is ultimately meant to contain more than just the
 locations of the Debian developers, this will grow to include
 security related information, public keys, phone numbers, addresses,
 and other confidential information.

	The full database is never going to be public information.

	There are going to be report generating programs that output a
 subset of that information, like an xearths file containing location
 co-ordinates for the people. It is this report whose copyright we are
 talking about.

joost> - You're not allowed to make money selling the list

	I think I dislike spammers.

joost> - You're not allowed to change the list (though you can
joost>   reformat it).

	We do not want additional maintainers to be added to, or
 people to be removed from, the maintainers list by third parties.

joost> - You're not allowed to make patches for the data.

	Same reasons as above.

joost> This change already has taken effect, and all new data
joost> collected for the database is with this licence. Without
joost> discussion on any list[1].

	Hmm, This is a definite first; I have never seen any copyright
 decided by the group before. I grant you this is different, since
 people may not have disseminated information given a different
 licencing scheme.

	I wish that people had sought to help me modify the licence
 rather than getting confrontational. Maybe we could come up with a
 modification to the licence to allow "fair use" personal subsets

	The people who caused the initial licence change came to me in
 a non-confrontational manner, and convinced me of the
 inappropriateness of the GPL. So far, I have heard of two people
 against this new licence, and four for it.

	If people wish to change their entries, (giving or refusing
 permission to be added into the database), please resend your
 application, or send it to me. I'll make sure your entry is
 added/removed, just as you wish.

 "When I was young, my position was: dynamite.  It was only later that
 I realized that this sort of thing cannot be rushed.  It must rot
 away like a diseased member." Hitler, on the churches.
Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
Mobile, Alabama USA            <url:http://www.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/>

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