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Re: Last call for adbbs before I give up on it.

On Wed, Oct 01, 1997 at 10:53:40AM -0700, Christoph Lameter wrote:
> adbbs is a bbs package based on perl. There is some screwup with the
> ReadKey library in the current relase that I do not seem to be able to
> fix.
> To my knowledge this is the only bbs package we have in the distribution.

I run a DOS based BBS here. I would package BBS software for Linux,
but I don't really like any of it -- most of it is basically
chatroom stuff, rather than messagging, file libraries, etc.
If I found something I really liked, I would changefrom DOS straight away.

I am going to move to a Debian system at the end of the year;
probably just a menu based system (using pdmenu?), with all the easy
to use mail/news stuff like pine and tin.


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