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Re: libreadline problem (BS key)

Steve Dunham wrote:

> It's somewhat reasonable to argue that xterm always uses ^H for the
> BackSpace key, although I don't know why it would hurt to respect
> the "stty" settings (is this an upstream issue?). I guess I'm just
> going to have to set my xterms back to ^H (since readline ignores the
> "stty" settings), I hope it doesn't break remote logins.

Respecting the stty settings is not always wise.

I only yesterday fixed problems that I've been having with vim under the
new xterm.  With xterm-old, backspace worked fine.  Switch to xterm, and it
stops working.  I tried to figure out what the critical difference was
between the two entries, but got lost very quickly.  But then I noticed
something odd that vim was doing when it started up: after it read the
terminfo entry (using the old termcap compatability functions) it grabbed
the stty information and changed the terminfo codes to match.

On my X setup, backspace returns ^H and Delete returns ^?.  I confirmed
this with Eric Raymond's "showkey" toy.  Unfortunately, stty -a reports
that backspace is ^?.  So I ran "reset", which set stty's erase to ^H, and
everything started working again.  By this one silly thing, I fixed
backspace problems--with many programs--which have been bothering me ever
since I installed Debian!

*sigh* I suspect that a lot of problems people are having with the new
xterm are somehow related to this.  If xterms would come up with the proper
stty settings, backspace and delete would probably work correctly for


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