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Re: Lessons (KDE & GNOME & Linux)

: The same way, I think it's important for Debian that the RedHat
: distribution exists because it creates a sane emulation of each (debian &
: RH's) team of developpers. Also users have at least 2 things to choose
: from (monopolies of any kinds are _bad_).
: So, I think it's a good thing we have both Kde & Gnome around: each team
: can "steal" ideas from the other and there's no "monopoly".

There are no only KDE and Gnome but a long list of other desktop projects
resulting in the development effort to be split. Too many things are
done again and again.

: > where I see a great danger of the Debian Project. The independant .deb
: > repository is a good way to have an outlet for creativity going beyond the
: > legalistic system Debian is generating.

: Agreed for the reasons given above: (Linux&FreeBSD(ok, Linux&WindowsNT by
: now;), Debian&RedHat, KDE&GNOME, "Official Debian"&"Unofficial Debian"[1],
: etc...) 

: 	Cordialement,

: [1]: I doubt there will be enough packages any time soon in the
: "unofficial Debian" to produce a full distribution, but you get the
: picture...

I doubt that this will ever happen. The main distribution has a certain
structure and that is beneficial to the whole. It seems that I want it
both ways. Maybe we can with the unofficial Debian packages.

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