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Do we have a consensus on PAM in slink? Do we support source patches? Re: docbook-stylesheets & Christian Leutloff Documentation license problem solved: OpenContent License (OPL) Dynamic Library name collisions Editors (Was: Info sucks?) egcs-1.1 binary incompatibility egcs-snapshot (GCJ and chill) Enough....(was Re: Info sucks?) errata page FAQ copyright question Finding a source package Re: force e2fsck @ reboot Free debugger that can do source debugging without executable. Free Software Clarification Free web counter? freetype1 is gone from slink, imagemagick still depends on it FTP mirrors ftpmail gawk or mawk? gdm on debian (pam problem?) glibc 2.1 on Intel glibc header file problems gnome & red hat Gnome 0.30 .debs uploaded Gnome 0.30 x KDE. Gnome broken? Gnome Mozilla gnome-games and gnome-admin GNUS.deb ? gnustep &c... GNUstep <-> FHS? Gone for a week Fwd: hc-cron-0.9beta - cron for home computers Hot Wet Teens Talk Dirty To You How to correct section in archive? HTML-pages of debian-servers local? I am working on debianizing of the X Northern Captain Ian include line on libgtk-dev Incomplete success with 2.88 boot image Re: Independent lockfile package. Info sucks? Re: Info sucks? (Why not add a bunch of other formats as well?) Re: Info sucks? - *enough* ! install disks, without aboot? FW: Intel, Netscape invest in Red Hat (fwd) Intend to package (maybe) Intent to create debian-test Intent to create gwydion Intent to package Intent to package (non-free) game Spellcast Intent to package - gs-aladdin-manual Intent to package - linbot intent to package ACE Intent to package Arla, and some questions about kernel includes Intent to package CLIPS Intent to package DateManip as libdatemanip-perl Intent to package freetds Intent to Package ggv (was: Re: Gnome 0.30 .debs uploaded) Intent to package gnumeric-0.2 Intent to package GtkGLArea Intent to package Incr Tcl intent to package ipopd intent to package kaffe: free Java implementation Intent to package LinPopUp intent to package magic point Intent to package mailto Intent to package mergemem + Need some help intent to package pclu (clu compiler), lp (theorem prover) Intent to package runas... intent to package some perl/dbi/postgress stuff Intent to package TAO. Intent to package textquake :-) Intent to package wav2cdr Intent to Package xafe 1.0 Intent to package xspeakfree 0.7 Intent to package yudit Intent to package: aboot 0.5 [alpha], mailcheck [any] Intent to package: AdaSockets Intent to package: avra, avrp Intent to package: blender Intent to package: blender ?? Intent to package: cdrdao intent to package: CSV stuff for perl Intent to package: Dia intent to package: dstool, hmmer Re: Intent To Package: GLE 3.3h intent to package: gmt generic mapping tools Intent to package: gnome-xml Intent to package: gnotes-applet Intent to package: gtop, libgtop Intent to package: ippfvsadm Intent to package: libliteclue, libliteclue-dev Intent to package: libtime-hires-perl Intent to package: loser Intent to package: Malaga Intent to package: mda-dev and mda-modules-* Re: intent to package: mocka modula-2 compiler Intent to package: NCBI biology tools (Was: SUMMARY: Intent to package: molecular biology programs Re: Intent to package: NCBI biology tools (Was: SUMMARY: Intent to package: molecular biology programs Intent to package: oneliner intent to package: PCx (non-free?) intent to package: perl SQL::Statement intent to package: perlmoo intent to package: pysol Intent to package: Remembrance Agent Intent to package: ruplist Intent to package: snes9x, vis5d, gtkicq Intent to package: tcp4u Intent to package: telnet98 (and libsrp and gmp) Intent to package; lcwa and Bit::Vector Intent to resurrect nfsroot and package etherboot intent to take over anacron Intent-to-package: berlin DR1 Intent-to-package: libmesa-ggi Is this "license" DFSG free? ISDN problem .... JDK src directory? Just packaged: netselect 0.2 KDE in Debian: suggestion for resolution KDE: what's up now ? Kernel compile fails on Cyrix... Re: Kernel compile fails on Cyrix... (salved, for me) kernel timer resolution Keyboard Policy Re: KLyX (Was: Not only KDE) koma-script missing (tetex) korganizer available LAM 6.1 just uploaded to master large number of source package version problems in the archive ldd and nfs question Lengthy Debian install procedures Lesstif-dev package bug? libc6 w/threads? libfltk != libforms was Re: Not only KDE Re: Libhf4g, libhdf4g-dev, libhdf4g-doc (i386 source) uploaded to master. libpcap package libstdc++2.8 is missing from slink Libtool 1.2b static lib problems Licence *not* copyright (was Re: Ading a wastebasket) license FWD: Re: mxmap for debian lintian bug? The last update was on 09:48 GMT Sat May 07. There are 1624 messages. Page 2 of 4.

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