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Re: gnustep &c... GNUstep <-> FHS? Gone for a week Fwd: hc-cron-0.9beta - cron for home computers Hot Wet Teens Talk Dirty To You How to correct section in archive? HTML-pages of debian-servers local? I am working on debianizing of the X Northern Captain Ian include line on libgtk-dev Incomplete success with 2.88 boot image Re: Independent lockfile package. Info sucks? Re: Info sucks? - *enough* ! Re: Info sucks? (Why not add a bunch of other formats as well?) install disks, without aboot? FW: Intel, Netscape invest in Red Hat (fwd) Intend to package (maybe) Intent to create debian-test Intent to create gwydion Intent to package Intent to package: aboot 0.5 [alpha], mailcheck [any] intent to package ACE Intent to package: AdaSockets Intent to package Arla, and some questions about kernel includes Intent to package: avra, avrp Intent-to-package: berlin DR1 Intent to package: blender Intent to package: blender ?? Intent to package: cdrdao Intent to package CLIPS intent to package: CSV stuff for perl Intent to package DateManip as libdatemanip-perl Intent to package: Dia intent to package: dstool, hmmer Intent to package freetds Intent to Package ggv (was: Re: Gnome 0.30 .debs uploaded) Re: Intent To Package: GLE 3.3h intent to package: gmt generic mapping tools Intent to package: gnome-xml Intent to package: gnotes-applet Intent to package gnumeric-0.2 Intent to package - gs-aladdin-manual Intent to package GtkGLArea Intent to package: gtop, libgtop Intent to package Incr Tcl intent to package ipopd Intent to package: ippfvsadm intent to package kaffe: free Java implementation Intent to package; lcwa and Bit::Vector Intent to package: libliteclue, libliteclue-dev Intent-to-package: libmesa-ggi Intent to package: libtime-hires-perl Intent to package - linbot Intent to package LinPopUp Intent to package: loser intent to package magic point Intent to package mailto Intent to package: Malaga Intent to package: mda-dev and mda-modules-* Intent to package mergemem + Need some help Re: intent to package: mocka modula-2 compiler Intent to package: NCBI biology tools (Was: SUMMARY: Intent to package: molecular biology programs Re: Intent to package: NCBI biology tools (Was: SUMMARY: Intent to package: molecular biology programs Intent to package (non-free) game Spellcast Intent to package: oneliner intent to package pclu (clu compiler), lp (theorem prover) intent to package: PCx (non-free?) intent to package: perlmoo intent to package: perl SQL::Statement intent to package: pysol Intent to package: Remembrance Agent Intent to package runas... Intent to package: ruplist Intent to package: snes9x, vis5d, gtkicq intent to package some perl/dbi/postgress stuff Intent to package TAO. Intent to package: tcp4u Intent to package: telnet98 (and libsrp and gmp) Intent to package textquake :-) Intent to package wav2cdr Intent to Package xafe 1.0 Intent to package xspeakfree 0.7 Intent to package yudit Intent to resurrect nfsroot and package etherboot intent to take over anacron [ippd] Unsupported protocol .... (fwd) ISDN problem .... Is this "license" DFSG free? JDK src directory? Just packaged: netselect 0.2 KDE in Debian: suggestion for resolution KDE: what's up now ? Kernel compile fails on Cyrix... Re: Kernel compile fails on Cyrix... (salved, for me) kernel timer resolution Keyboard Policy Re: KLyX (Was: Not only KDE) [ Re: official zip-drive/ls120 - images] koma-script missing (tetex) korganizer available LAM 6.1 just uploaded to master large number of source package version problems in the archive ldd and nfs question Lengthy Debian install procedures Lesstif-dev package bug? libc6 w/threads? libfltk != libforms was Re: Not only KDE Re: Libhf4g, libhdf4g-dev, libhdf4g-doc (i386 source) uploaded to master. libpcap package libstdc++2.8 is missing from slink Libtool 1.2b static lib problems Licence *not* copyright (was Re: Ading a wastebasket) license FWD: Re: mxmap for debian lintian bug? [] IMPORTANT: SysVinit & umounting Little hint Logo License has *expired* Looking for SERIOUS MEN Re: lspci (was PnP and Bootdisks) -ltermcap option... Re: -ltermcap option... [Thanks] Re: Mailing lists - no CCs? (was Re: more developer identity stuff) --MARK-- each twenty minutes Master + murphy downtime May be gone for a few days... A mechanism to amend policy documents mime problem/missing info mime-support & a2ps dont work in slink mocka update modutils-2.1.121-3 modutils 2.1.121-4 uploaded modutils stops me dead:) Re: more developer identity stuff Moving day mozilla problems Re: Name clashes [Was: Intent to package: molecular biology programs Re: Naming of new 2.0 release nasty bug in strace ncurses is ancient, and rxvt terminfo is broken The ncurses saga... netstd and ssh(d) The last update was on 19:48 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1624 messages. Page 2 of 4.

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