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Re: ldd and nfs question

> On Mon, Sep 21, 1998 at 07:50:04AM -0500, cfm@maine.com wrote:
> > I have binaries that work locally but segfault when run from
> > an nfs mounted drive.  This does not happen to all binaries,
> > but only some, both libc6 and libc5 binaries, some compiled here
> > and some prepackaged debs.
> What block size are you using on your NFS mounts?  I vaguely remember
> a problem with large block sizes.  If you are using 8k or 16k block
> sizes, please try 4k to see if your problems go away.

We were using the defaults, apparently 1024 on 2.0.* kernels.

The problem went away after I did the following:

  1) moved the /admin/ directory exported from 2.0.35 to a
     machine running 2.1.122
  2) specified wsize,rsize across the board on all machines, remounted

The machine now exporting the admin directory is running a new
debian slink install.  There is therefore a whole slew of differences
so I can't say we pinned it down absolutely.

Thank You,



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