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Re: Info sucks? (Why not add a bunch of other formats as well?)

>>"Peter" == Peter S Galbraith <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca> writes:

 Peter> I just looked at the doc Makefile and the texinfo is converted to html by
 Peter> perl scripts written by the package author himself.  Do standard scripts
 Peter> exists for this conversion task?

	I use texi2html for that. It works wonderfully well.


__> dpkg -S /usr/bin/texi2html
tetex-bin: /usr/bin/texi2html

TEXI2HTML(1)                                         TEXI2HTML(1)

       texi2html - a Texinfo to HTML converter

       texi2html [options] file

       texi2html -check [-verbose] files

       Texi2html converts the given Texinfo file to a set of HTML
       files. It tries to handle most of the Texinfo commands. It
       creates hypertext links for cross-references, footnotes...

       It also tries to add links from a reference to its  corre­
       sponding  entry  in the bibliography (if any). It may also
       handle a glossary (see the -glossary option).

       Texi2html creates several files depending on the  contents
       of the Texinfo file and on the chosen options (see FILES).

       The HTML files created by texi2html are closer to TeX than
       to Info, that's why texi2html converts @iftex sections and
       not @ifinfo ones by default. You can reverse this with the
       -expandinfo option.
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