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Re: Intent to package: ippfvsadm

There is no problem in me being the intermediate maintainer.

IMHO it is wrong to introduce new patches for the 2.0.X series right now.
2.2 is due out soon. Will ippfvsadm work with ipchains?

Release ippfvsadm as an alternate forwarding package but leave both in
until it is clear how the kernel situation develops.

On Sat, 12 Sep 1998, Remco van de Meent wrote:

> Hi,
> In the new 2.0.36pre Linux kernels, there are some changes that prevent the
> ipportfw package from working anymore. 
> A new program has been writter by some people, called ippfvsadm. As it isn't
> clear if the current changes won't make it into 2.0.36 (release), I doubt if
> it's necessairy to include this package in the archive right now. It's been
> released under the GPL by the way, of course.
> Package: ippfvsadm
> Status: install ok installed
> Priority: optional
> Section: net
> Installed-Size: 19
> Maintainer: Remco van de Meent <remco@debian.org>
> Architecture: i386
> Version: 1.0-1
> Depends: libc6
> Description: Port Forwarding & Virtual Server ADMinistration program
>  This is ippfvsadm, the program that replaces ipportfw. In 2.0.36pre, some
>  changes in the kernel were made, and now you can have a 'backend' of
>  so-called "real servers". A box in front of it, the "virtual server"
>  redirects IP-packets it receives on a port to a port of one of the machines
>  in the backend. This might be used for load-balancing reasons.
> For people who want to have it right now, go to:
>                        http://master.debian.org/~remco/
> The 'old' package, ipportfw, has been orphaned. That's the reason I didn't
> contact you, Christoph, before sending this mail. Hope you don't mind :)
> Time will tell if that package should be removed from the archive or
> something like that.
> Any comments welcome.
> bye,
>  -Remco

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