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Re: intent to package: mocka modula-2 compiler

On 11 Sep 1998, Christian von Roques wrote:

roques>I've asked Helmut Emmelmann <emmel@h-e-i.de>, what versions of BEG can
roques>be made available.  He said that he didn't object to distributing
roques>executables of BEG-1.x, as long as they are not used for commercial
roques>purposes without obtaining his permission first.  This is, so that he
roques>can point them to BEG-2.x, a much enhanced version of BEG, which
roques>commercial software developer might want to use anyway.  He might even
roques>release the source of BEG-1.x under GPL, but he is still indecisive
roques>about that.  It is definitely OK to use these executables to build
roques>backends for Mocka.
	I guess since Mocka is in non-free now, I could include BEG with
it.  But it will be linked against libc5, so I really shouldn't, anyway.
I did not get any more mail from Thilo Gaul on the possibility of
contributing a 'C Version', which I assumed meant source code.

roques>Old versions of rex and lalr produced Scanner.tab and Parser.tab
roques>files, which were read by the produced scanners and parsers at
roques>runtime.  This was done, to circumvent the deficiency of Modula-2 that
roques>it's impossible to create initialized data-structures [different from
roques>strings].  Later versions of rex and lalr produce initialized arrays
roques>if generating C.  The generated Modula-2 code initializes the arrays
roques>at runtime by decoding their contents from strings.  Try searching for
roques>a newer freely available Version of cocktail, or ask the author Josef
roques>Grosch <grosch@cocolab.de> for the latest free version.  

	I looked pretty thoroughly around the net for the last free
version. I got 9209, which claims to be the last free version.  Are you
saying that there is some way to use rex and lalr to produce the
Scanner.tab and Parser.tab files needed to build the tools in cocktail ?
I spent a bit of time trying to discover this, but I couldn't figure it
	Thanks for the help.  I am not a modula user. I was just spending
a few weeks in the summer packaging things. Mocka looks pretty nice btw.
It sure chews up code fast.
	If you want to comment on the packages, They are in slink as
'mocka' and 'm2c'.  Cocktail (and mtc) is not there yet.

John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu>
Tucson,AZ     http://www.physics.arizona.edu/~lapeyre

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