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Re: Info sucks? (Why not add a bunch of other formats as well?)

Joseph Carter wrote:

> My complaint about info is that unlike html, the navigation is not clear
> and the search is worse.  The possible links aren't always marked in a way
> that indicates they are, and there are references like "check out such and
> such in section whatever"...  No link to it.  This is my experience with
> exim, which is only documented usefully in info format.

There are badly-written info files and there are badly written html files.

check out such and such in section whatever

So?  The fact that the exim info docs are allegedly badly written does mean
info can't do what you say it can't.
> If not for info2www, I would not be running exim now.  If I were trying
> exim on my notebook or a 486, I would have long since given up..  I don't
> run apache on such machines.

John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.Arizona.EDU> wrote

>         Yesterday, I showed gcl to a colleague who wanted to do some lisp.
> In the debian package the texi source is not there (no man page either),
> just the info pages. He does not use emacs.  To the emacs-impaired, gcl
> has no documentation.

That's interesting.  I am planning on packaging a certain plotting package
(The package is done, but I need to get the license to change a bit).  It
has texinfo docs that are converted to fairly nice html.  See:


I just looked at the doc Makefile and the texinfo is converted to html by
perl scripts written by the package author himself.  Do standard scripts
exists for this conversion task?

In any case, when I finally package the software, I'd like to include docs
in the following formats:

  - man         basically a pointer to info and html
  - info        for sure
  - html        for sure
  - postscript  would be nice

Right now, I also have .dvi and .texi, but I think some postscript figures
are also added so that would make them uncomplete.

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