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Re: Free Software Clarification

> > But the license doesn't apply to the copyright holder.  He would be allowed
> > to sell a future (probably enhanced) version, but could not withdraw the
> > original GPL version from circulation.  Thus the users are `protected'
> > in the sense that the free version will also be free.
> > 
> I believe that GPL prevents _any_ derived work from being commercial. 
> LGPL does the same except that commercial applications may link to them.
> (ie compile using its header).  I'm fairly certain that GPL applies to
> the author as well as others.  Does someone else know more?  

I am sorry, but you are wrong. Author can do whatever he wants with the
code (assuming he is also a copyright holder). One can release the code
under GPL and sell _the_same_code_ under commercial license for someone
who would be interesrted in that.

License grants the right to everybody else. Copyright holder can
distribute any way s/he likes to.

Alex Y.

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