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Re: Info sucks?

On Sep 17, Tim Bell decided to present us with:
> "The Psychology of Everyday Things" contains lots of examples of UIs,
> both good and bad, and the principles behind them.  I would go so far as
> to say it should be compulsory reading for anyone designing any tool, be
> it an editor or a pen.
> @Book{,
>   author =       {Donald A. Norman},
>   title =        {The Psychology of Everyday Things},
>   publisher =    {Basic Books},
>   year =         {1988},
>   address =      {New York},
> }

I found also "The Design of Everyday Things" - same author,
Currency/Doubleday, 1990, ISBN: 0385267746; the reviews of both
lead me to think "The Design..." is more useful for us geeks.
Sorry to be somewhat offtopic, but this _is_ the area I plan to
study and work on, you know :-)

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