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Re: Info sucks?

>>"Tim" == Tim Bell <bhat@cs.mu.OZ.AU> writes:

 Tim> Quoting john@dhh.gt.org (john@dhh.gt.org):
 >> Anyone who calls *any* UI intuitive needs to have his head seriously
 >> examined.

 Tim> Stepping out of the computer world for a moment, *some* doorknobs have
 Tim> intuitive UIs.  (And far too many do not.)

	Tell that to the peole of the village my grandparents come
 from. There are no doors. There are mud+straw walls and roofs, and a
 curtain hung over the opening. What doors there are, (like the post
 office) have handles. Nary a door knob in sight.

	Now tell these people that you have to *twist* the suckers --
 not hit them, not push, or pull -- and heaven help you trying to
 explain why, and how, to lock and unlock them too.

	Too much cultural bias, my friend.

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 what you can trace. Never trace what you can cut out and paste down.
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