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Re: Kernel compile fails on Cyrix...

In article <ygfhfyo7xjr.fsf@papadoc.nocrew.org> you write:
>I also have been running Cyrix 686 (rev 2.6) for about 2 years now, and
>I have never been able to have any better uptime than a few days...
>X crashes every now and then (but quite often I've been lucky), gcc keeps
>segfaulting etc, etc...
>fog, I strongly suggest you throw that darn Cyrix away (stomp on it might
>help to, if only for psychologic reasons... :), and buy a Intel (I don't
>know about the AMD, but I've heard that they have about the same problem).

If you're having these problems then you must have a bad Cyrix chip or
something. The later ones have no problems, and neither do the AMD
chips. We've got a headless server at home running a Cyrix P150+
that's seen 100 days of uptime several times. My current personal
machine is a K6-2 and it has no stability problems now. It did when I
first got a bad motherboard, but now it's rock-solid.

>> > I never installed Debian on a Cyrix, is this a known cyrix problem?
>> > If not what can be the cause?
>It is, and it's because Cyrix is crap! I get this gcc thing to, and it seems
>that it's only on bigger files (??). I've learned to live with it, I haven't
>been able to afford another CPU, and now it's impossible to find a replacement
>Intel (non-mmx, >166MHz)...

Sounds like you may have memory/system problems other than CPU. You're
showing classic symptoms of memory that's having problems, in fact.


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