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Intent to package mergemem + Need some help

mergemem is listed in WNPP in the X11 section.  It isn't anything to do 
with X11, but it does look useful.  (Mergemem attempts to find common data 
segments between different processes, and use only one data segment for 
them, marking them as copy-on-write.)  It is GPL'd.  Is anyone else out 
there working on it/ have comments?

The package requires a kernel patch and module.  I guess I stick the module 
source in /usr/src/modules/mergemem/.  What are people's suggestions for 
the kernel patch?  Currently, I'm thinking of:

- use /usr/src/kernel-patches/${arch}/apply and unpatch as appropriate,
- tell the user about it in the postinst (in case they don't use 
make-kpkg), and
- offer to add a "patch_the_kernel := YES" line to /etc/kernel-pkg.conf 
(defaulting to not to) if it isn't there already, explaining how this will 
aid make-kpkg.

Should this last step default to yes?  kernel-pkg.conf(5) says that 
patch_the_kernel "is evolving"


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