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Re: Intent to package: snes9x, vis5d, gtkicq

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Crowley <stephenc@stephenc.wf.net> writes:
    Stephen> * Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute Snes9x
    Stephen> in both binary and * source form, for non-commercial
    Stephen> purposes, is hereby granted without fee, * providing that
    Stephen> this license information and copyright notice appear with
    Stephen> * all copies and any derived work.


    Stephen> * Snes9x is freeware for PERSONAL USE only. Commercial
    Stephen> users should * seek permission of the copyright holders
    Stephen> first. Commercial use includes * charging money for
    Stephen> Snes9x or software derived from Snes9x.

...and this make it non-free (discrimination against fields of

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20 minutes a day for the rest of their career.  TCL/Python is more a
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