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Re: Intent-to-package: berlin DR1

> > Libggi has many display targets other than the KGI one. 
> of interrest would be the fbdev target, since fbdev will be standard in any recent 2.1 kernel, as well as future 2.2.x.
> when will debian support 2.2 ? is it for debian slink, or the next one.

This depends on when linux-2.2 will come out! But i think our x11 maintainer
is ready for linux-2.2 and the fbdev-xserver. 

Linux-2.1.x is _not_ in deap freeze, but possible it will go out in two months!?

What was our slink ship date?  Nov. 15th or Dez. 15th ???

And have you all updated to glibc-2.1 ?  :-)



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