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Re: Intent to package mergemem + Need some help


	Wonderful. I find it neat that you are using the patch process.

>>"Chris" == Chris Reed <cr212@cam.ac.uk> writes:

 Chris> - offer to add a "patch_the_kernel := YES" line to /etc/kernel-pkg.conf 
 Chris> (defaulting to not to) if it isn't there already, explaining
 Chris> how this will aid make-kpkg.

	Umm, this maybe going a little too far. I wuld suggest just
 letting the installer know about this, but letting the human edit the
 files as needed. You see, directly modifying a conffile that belongs
 to another package violates policy.

 Chris> Should this last step default to yes?

	I don't think so.

 Chris> kernel-pkg.conf(5) says that patch_the_kernel "is evolving"

	Yes, it is, and it is developers like you who are instrumental
 in its development. Please let me know if the procedure needs to be
 tweaked, or is make-kpkg can help your package in any way.

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