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Intent to package textquake :-)

See http://webpages.mr.net/bobz/ttyquake/ for background info :)

I didn't want to run the binaries supplied there, so I decided to get
the source and compile them myself.  I had some trouble doing that,
and later I heard that the supplied libs are a bit funny and don't
work out of the box on a Debian system.  So I figured a package for it
wouldn't hurt.

This involves two packages, aavga, which is an improvised substitute
for svgalib that wraps around aalib, and textquake, which contains
just a script to handle the details and which has the proper dependencies.

aavga is under the GPL.  I wrote the textquake script myself, and it will
probably be in the public domain.  textquake will have to go into contrib
because it relies on squake, but aavga can go into main.

I polished up aavga while I was at it; when I have the bugs worked out
I'll contact the author and probably ask to take over maintenance.

I'm still fighting with at least one bug, I'll probably have the
packages ready in a few days.  Preliminary versions can be found
at http://master.debian.org/~dark/textquake/, but don't come to
me with questions about them :-)

Richard Braakman

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